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There was a time when it was believed that talented people are born. But it is no longer believed. It is now believed that talent flourishes through good teaching, training, and practice. Those who appear talented in the world, they are those people who have progressed by continuously studying and improving their abilities.

Albert Einstein, the great scientist of the world always used to say, I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. I studied a few rare people whom people believe were born geniuses. The more I studied them, the more I realized that they had one thing in common that they practiced more to increase their skills than others. 

Einstein also said that the world considered him as a born genius. However, he became successful with continuous practice. New scientific and psychological studies say that if talented parents do not pay attention to their children’s teaching, training and practice, then their children appear to be far from successful. Whereas children of poor, less educated and normal families can reach the heights of success through good practice, teaching, and training.

Such people, whom you believe is rich in talent, in fact, have become successful through continuous practice. These are people who have spent thousands of hours overnight to refine their skills. In fact, we do not see the practice of great people, which they have employed in seeking talent. We see his/her talent when he reaches his peak and most of us think, wow! I wish I was born with such talent. In fact, we have to remember that they have reached great heights of success only on the basis of continuous practice.

The historical account of Arjuna from the Mahabharata of achieving success in the art of archery from a contextual practice can be called as a famous example. Guru Dronacharya used to teach archery to the Kauravas and the Pandavas. His son Ashwatthama was also studying. Dronacharya wanted his son to be ahead of the princes’. He would send the princes’ out for some time and teach Ashwatthama secret tips & tricks.

One night everyone was having food, then a gust of wind came and the lamp extinguished. Arjun saw that in the dark, the hands used to fall on the plate’s food every time, and the food is taken by hand also used to go inside the mouth. Arjuna thought that this is due to our practice. 

From the second day onwards Arjuna started practicing the art of archery in the dark of night. One night Dronacharya’s eyes opened due to the noise of a bow, then he saw Arjuna practicing. Dronacharya understood that Ashwatthama would never be able to match Arjuna due to a lack of practice. Seeing himself left behind, Ashwatthama once complained to his father, ‘Father, you want Arjuna to be ahead than all of us.’ Dronacharya said, ‘Son, Arjuna has mastered archery from day to day practice and no one can beat him. Of course, if mastery is to be attained in any field, practice should be emphasized.

Certainly, one can refine talent and efficiency through continuous practice and reach the highest level of success.

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